Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Playing Together

A second At Home Day imposed on us this time by the car taking two days at the garage for its service and MOT.

The morning was spent with Bean, 9, videoing stop frame animation and Pumpkin, 8, playing roblox, Plum, 5, and Pippin, 2, playing play dough.

We went out to the cafe at Sainsbury for lunch and essential food supplies. We had plans to go to the play park but it was raining so we went home via the weir instead.

During the afternoon the Big Three recorded three Trying Not To Laugh Challenges whilst Pippin watched Bing and we got the skateboards out. Then the Big Three played roblox together. Bean and Plum played hide and seek with each other and Plum and Pippin played in the garden together.

Double please

As if to highlight quite how much Pippin, 2, enjoys and devours Topsy and Tim, she has started saying "double please."

Bean,9, has dictated another three chapters of his Minecraft Adventure Story. Pumpkin, 8, enjoyed his requested trip to the beach, and Plum, 5, made a return trip to Little Verse after almost a whole term off.

Monday morning began with Plum getting up and dressed and announcing that she was ready for Little Verse as she had heard the notices given in church yesterday and it was definitely on. So we came to the arrangment that i would take her and Pippin to Little Verse in the morning and we would all go to Lancing Beach as we had planned in the afternoon. The beach was the most idylistic time. It was completely perfect except for missing daddy. The big three played on the rocks whilst Pippin searched for the ideal stone. I transcribed a chapter of Bean's book. Pumpkin and i played PokemonGo. All the children paddled in the sea.

Tuesday was an At Home Day. Plum busy as ever with den making and playing toy horses and decorating her hair. Bean and Pumpkin played Roblox, Bean got to chapter 5 of his story, Pumpkin watched ballisticSquid, we read books together, Plum likes reading the repeatitive books to us.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Not for saele

Friday we took a trip into town, the library twice, the playpark twice and the toyshop. Bean, 9, ordered Pokemon books from the library and a puzzle story book. We found a book called All aboard the Poo Bus which Pumpkin, 8, chose to bring home, Plum, 5, found a Little Princess book and Pippin, 2, found a Bing book.

The toyshop resulted in new shopkins, grosseries and a pop gun.

And our wander around town resulted in Pumpkin seeing our house for sale in an estate agent window. There was quite the upset to follow, for days, it might continue for days to come also.

Saturday we had no plans. Plum and Bean decided that the paddling pool should come out. We filled it with water and put the slide in. Bean and one go and declared it cold. Pippin and Plum spent more time outside the pool playing with a few toys in it. Pumpkin is immersing himself in BallisticSquid videos on YouTube. There was also more talk from the boys, specifically Bean, about not moving.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Bean had made me some things in mincraft, sculptures of hearts and words that said Best Mum. Plum took daddy to the shop specifically to buy me a present (nail varnish) which we then used to paint each others nails in the garden. We washed the toys in the paddling pool and daddy made us a picnic snack of apples and grapes.
We went to church in the morning, daddy stayed home with Pumpkin. We played cricket in the garden with the other children and Bean wanted to know if we would still come to this church when we move.

We read Bean's puzzle book at lunch time and he completes all the puzzles. And in the evening he dictates a minecraft story to me. We write chapter 1 and part of chapter 2. He has also written two signs for our house. One says 'no moov home' and the second is in our front window and says 'not for saele'.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Such Fun

The morning was spent playing with the Peppa Pig and Bing sets with Plum, 5, and Pippin, 2. Bean, 9, played on his tablet and Pumpkin, 8, played Roblox on the pc sometimes Bean joined him via cyberspace.

Gymnastics continues to be a favourite with Plum and Bean. Plum now goes in on her own but only after the group has done the warm up games and stretches. Pumpkin played on his tablet and watched some people playing squash.

Back home Plum disappeared to rest, Bean put on James and the Giant Peach to watch follo2ed by Turbo. Pumpkin played more Roblox.

Plum came out on adventures with mummy in the evenin to Maraccatak with friends from church. Such fun.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Look at my shells

Daddy took the car today and the weather was blustery and raining so we had a double reason to stay at home today.

Plum, 5, began the day playing a magnetic dressing game with Pippin, 2, and mummy. She played in a fort that Bean, 9, built for her and washed the shells that Pumpkin, 8, had put. This was followed by playing with moinsand in the garden with Pippin. They took their camping chairs outside and sat in the garden chit chatting for a while too.

Pumpkin played the Escapists on his tablet and the pc today. He has almost escaped Centre Perks on the pc and escaped level 1 on the tablet. He looked at our shell collection for a while, mostly exclaiming how soft they are and looking at the ridges and bumps on each of them.

Bean built a fort for Plum and Pippin and it had an official opening with the cuting of the ribbon. He made a treasure hunt for daddy by writing notes for him to follow to the next location.

Bean also made pizza with me. We made the dough in the breadmaker and then each of the smalls put on their own toppings.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Blown Away

Bean, 9, has been asking for a while to go to the arcades in Worthing and Pumpkin, 8, was keen to go to the beach, Plum, 5, has been planning a picnic in the sunshine for days so today was the day. It was beautiful and sunny but windy. We walked in no time from the play area on the sea front to the lido and ate ice cream and cake together before going to the arcade.

The children each had a pot of pennies to put in the penny machines. Pippin, 2, put in a few pennies and won a lot more, this happened repeatedly, she definitely left the arcade with more pennies than she went in with! Bean played splat a rat and we found a star wars pod racing game that he played with Pumpkin. Pumpkin and Bean played twice on the air hockey and then Plum and Pippin had a go too. Pumpkin also had several turns on the grabber machines to try and win Pippin a toy. He also won a fair bit on the penny machines and betting on the horse race. Plum was struggling with the idea that you don't always win and that you have to put the pennies in the game to even be in with a chance, she prefered to go on the rides.

Pumpkin found a bag of shells he liked in the beach shop on the way back.

We sat in a shelter on the way back to the car and ate as it was so windy no one wanted to sit on the beach. Pumpkin found a stone in the shape of a heart and Plum talked about an episode of Bing with diggers on the beach as we passed a construction team working on a new set of defenses.

The walk back to the car was longer and more difficult. Pippin walked the whole way as we walked into the oncoming wind.

Back home and daddy was home early. We replenished drinks and snacks, mummy emptied all the bags and daddy cooked dinner. Bean put on the Lego Movie and then after we'd eaten, Bean and daddy watched episode two of Fungus the Bogeyman with Plum.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


A quiet and peaceful day, all day.

Pippin, 2, sat colouring in her picture book snuggled under the duvet on mummy's bed.

Plum, 5, creating a puzzle display from four puzzles she worked on for hours and a game of animal and colour bingo with mummy.

Sitting with Pumpkin, 8, reading for him as he played The Escapists.

Bean, 9, sharing his favoutie YouTube videos with me and purchasing The Escapist app.

Playing minecraft together for three hours: building houses from instructions in books and playing Hunger Games together.

Reading stories to Bean, Plum and Pippin in the evening and running a bath for Bean.