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I think the boys would say this day was one of the best ever, we caught three Pikachu today. We went down to Littlehampton, which we love be...

Sunday, 12 February 2017


We met FA#1 today and cousinB and went bowling. Pumpkin, 8, had an interesting technique which won him first place. We hd the bumpers up and he used them to zig zag the bowling ball towardd the skittles, he got two strikes for himself and two half strikes and two strikes for Pippin, 2, using this method. He was so happy.

We drove to FA#1 house and played lego, looked at Pumpkin's new World Record book, played dollies, watched on tablets, watch Shrek 3 together and a Tom and Jerry movie.

Back home Bean, 9, and i began reading Harry Potter together.

Saturday. I took Plum, 5, and Pippin to cousinH's 3rd birthday party. Pippin had a fabulous time and was busy doing her own thing for most of the party: bouncy castle, tunnels and tents, csr driving. And we got to meet Elsa.

Bean and Pumpkin went to the cinema for the first trip of the year to see Lego Batman Movie. Daddy also bought them lego batman minifigures.

Back home, Plum watched on her tablet, Pumpkin played Roblox, Bean watched Pokemon and Pippin was playing Peppa Pig toys.

Friday, 10 February 2017

In the Making

Thursday: Plum, 5, had gymnastics class which she is continuing to love. We dropped Pippin, 2, off at daddy's work so that i could go in with Plum and stay with her. Bean, 9, and Pumpkin, 8, ate their lunch and played zombie dice and top trumps, Pumpkin watched the squash plauers, Bean played on his tablet and then they made a real life game of PacMan with some of the other children.

Bean sent out his invite to his friends for the Treasure Hunt and they can all come.

Plum spent the rest of the afternoon watching on her tablet and then fell asleep in her bed. She had no longer than 20 minutes and i woke her for dinner.

Pumpkin was desperately trying to play with the others and after being refused he then turned to upsetting them instead. Eventually he setled with playing with Pippin.

We tried new meatballs for dinner, no one liked them so there was a second meal of beans on toast or tuna sandwiches.

In the evening Plum and Pippin played mummies and babies. Pumpkin and Plum played on Friv together. Bean had stories, continuing with Narnia. Pippin went to bed but is struggling with a cold and coughing so was a little restless.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Project Work

Today we followed up on the Treasure Hunt idea that Bean, 9, had begun yesterday. We spent one and a half hours finding the rght map and resizing it on google and copying it into Publisher and drawing on grid lines and then adding them on the computer. There was lots of toing and froing of ideas about what the treasure is and how to hide it and where to hide it. He marked x on the map to show where the clues are hidden and has come up with a game plan and an invitation list. All the maps he made and clues and treasure are now in one folder ready for the event.

Pippin, 2, found the aqua draw and happily spent time drawing on it whilst Plum, 5, played on cbeebies games. She has been watching a lot of alphablocks, squigglit letters and other alphabet programmes on youtube and copying out the alphabet onto paper. In the afternoon Plum and Pippin and mummy made a dress and shoes for Lottie doll together. We had enough material to make a matching one for Plum and material in a different colour for Pippin. Plum began using the felt tips to draw on the cotton so i found th fabric pens and we drew pictures and patterns on Pippin's dress.

Pumpkin, 8, watched Cartoon Network and played Roblox. We ordered daddy the Lego present that he had found for him and talked about how much he would like to contribute to it.

In the evening we finished watching Ocean's 12 and played zombie dice with Bean and Pumpkin. The children all helped daddy unload the food shopping from the car and put things away.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Everyone woke with a smile on their face and in a happy disposition. Plum, 5, slept the whole night in her bed in her room wotout waking. We dressed, breakfasted, Bean, 9, fed the animals and helped pack the lunch bag, and then we headed to Milestones museum in Basingstoke for the Legomania exhibition.

It is one of our longer days trips but has always been worth it as the smalls all love it. As this is our fourth or fifth year going we were prepared with cash for the 1940's sweetie shop, minifigure building, and penny arcade.

Legomania was imo the best one we have been to. I took so many photos and we all really enjoyed it. The challenge invited the children to be agents who had to follow the suspect around the 8 continents and find clues and crack codes to decipher the suspects plans to steal the crown jewels. There was a simpler version for Plum where she had to find a soft toy animal in each continent and write down the letter it was holding. The lego models were impressive and the set up was fun. The boys knew most of the landmarks built in lego and had a great time codebreaking. It was really right up our street. We will be going again before the exhibition ends. A significant portion of the photos today were staged around the lego models. The boys leaning on the eiffel tower, Bean and Plum running away from the fearsome tiger and Bean and Pippin in a mini story in four scenes from the dressing up section. We had some lovely collective lol moments and Pumpkin had a great day, completely excited and engaged and absorbed in it all. There were also two other HE families there that we know so we got o be a little sociable with friends too.

Pumpkin, 8, found a birthday present for dad and has offered to spend his birthday/christmas money on it.

We came home via MacDonalds.

Back home Plum went and rested in her bed and watched YouTube, Pumpkin went and watched Cartoon Network on the gaming pc.

Bean began drawing maps of the town and a grid over it to set up coordinates inspired by the map work at Legomania. We printed off maps from google but they are not very clear. He would like to set up a tresure hunt around town for his friends. After this we began to watch Ocean's 12 together inspired by today's theme of catching The Suspect.

There was also sancks and dinner and pudding and more snacks and toast and drinks and stories for Pippin, (Dr.Suess) Bean (Little nose) and Plum (Sarah and Duck)


We were up later than normal, all of us. Bean, 9, took to playing on his tablet in his bed and Pumpkin, 8, played on his downstairs. Plum, 5, and Pippin, 2, played with the Peppa Pig and Bing small world toys.

Bean had a message from a friend inviting him to play Terreria via the magic of the internet. We managed to work out how to join fairly simply and then set to finding skype contacts (which took a bit longer but we did it) Bean and his friend A played happily for a short while and then Bean went back to playing on his tablet in bed.

We set up Lego Club in the afternoon. One other family came. There were moments when we were enjoying it. Bean and mummy made their names using lego bricks. Plum found have made vehicles and adapted them. Pippin took the bowls and filled them with lego repeatedly. We played a few rounds of build battle towards the end. However mostly the smalls took it in turns to cry or be angry with each other so we packed up early and came home. They all disappeared to their safe and quiet spaces when we got home and i made drinks and snacks and an extra large dinner for them all.

Mummy and daddy made a concious effort to guide them all to bed a bit earlier tonight. And it was successful.

Monday, 6 February 2017

How much is that Doggy?

Alex the guinea pig died on Friday night. Daddy put him in a box and buried him in the garden with Bean, 9, and Plum, 5. They found a prayer about pets in Bean's prayer book and said that together.

This news began our day of unexpected events. We had planned to collect pallettes for Bean's tree house project and meet our first dog from BorrowMyDoggy. We rang to check that the pallette place had pallettes o ly to discover they are shuton a weekend and the dog lady postponed our meeting until tomorrow.

The morning was spent mostly cooking mushrooms for Pippin, 2. Mummy had made mushrooms on toast for her breakfast and shared them with Pippin. She then asked for more and cut up her own mushroom, i cooked it and then she ate it, and then she cut another one, i cooked it and she ate it, we did this one more time before i gave her the remainder of the mushrooms and we did the last four at one go.

Daddy took Bean and Plum into town in the afternoon. We were on the search for welly boots for Bean and Pumpkin, 8, as we plan on dog walking in the woods tomorrow. It was an unsuccessful welly trip but they did get to meet Star Wars characters in the shopping centre and Bean took selfies of him with Chewie and some Storm Troopers whilst daddy held an apprehensive Plum. Plum returned her bird toy to the ToyShop and exchanged it for a Misfits card game. The game was opened as soon as she got home and played with Bean and then daddy.


Today we met the dog lady and Archie the Cockapoo. We found each other on BorrowMyDoggy. Bean has been keen to have a dog for several months, maybe a year but we are/I am not in a position to own a dog right now. This scheme means that we will be able to spend regular time with a dog, walking and playing and cuddling, without the full time responsibility. We walked around Leechpool Woods, me, Bean, Archie and his owner and Bean loved it. We have arranged a second meet so Archie and the other three can be introduced to each other and assuming that is successful then we will take Archie on our own.

Big event today, moving the bunk bed from mummy and daddy's room (I can call it that now) into Plum and Pippin's room. Pippin slept in the bottom bunk (as is normal) until about 1.30am. She was very wet so daddy got her changed and then she slept with mummy. Plum woke about 4am and i held her hand for a while, as is normal, she was still awake/woke again about 4.30am and came and lay on the toddler mattress next to mummy's bed.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

One hour

Today i set aside one hour for each of the children, just for them, well, almost mostly interupted with requests for food and drink and reading this or helping with disputes, but always returning to the one and playing with them.

First was Pippin, 2, we drew pictures and read books for an hour. She is sat next to me now readin 'i like it when...' to me. She's also good at Not Now, Bernard and Jesus loves me and Brown Bear Brown Bear.

I sat with Bean, 9, for an hour and played Roblox Murder Mystery. He showed me how to play, which keys to use and how to pick up weapons and strike others. I had a few goes with him alongside giving me pointers.

Plum, 5, made messy stuff today with Pippin joining in too. She got a large bowl and added water and lemon and chopped up carrots and added spoonfuls of flour. She added in cashew nuts and black beans and mixed it all together. We transfered it to a pirex dish and put it in the oven. We then spent some time watching Fixies and chatted about friction, surface tension and tools.

I watched Jimmy Two Shoes with Pumpkin, 8, and then we joined Bean and finished the ninth season of Pokemon and began the 10th season.

Daddy was out for the evening. The boys put on What's in the Bible and then Bean chose Winnie the Pooh movie. Everyone helped tidy up the living room. Pippin went to bed about 9 but took a while to settle. I read stories with Bean and we chatted about how humans have progressed over the centuries. Plum was playing on cbeebies games and skipped a story tonight and went straight to sleep about 10. I put on Finding Neverland to watch on iplayer and Pumpkin watched with me until the end.